Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Heather in ATL - #travelingphotographer

I never wrote a blog post about this cool shoot I did in Atlanta last year, so here it is. Better late than never, hey! So, Heather is the daughter of my friend and fellow Okinawa Hai blogger, Dasha. Dasha hired me to do Heather's senior photos back when we were all in Okinawa in 2009 I want to say. Well, since then, Heather 'adulted' and became a super duper intelligent linguistics person and moved to Augusta, Georgia. So, one day I post on my facebook page that I am traveling to Atlanta...
Heather replies that she would love to book a shoot. So, that's what happened. We met up in ATL. It was super hot and humid but we shot around the 'little five points' area and had a blast!
Chillin' at the start of the shoot...
The owner of this shop kindly let us use this space as the light was so amazing!

I love this in b+w too
The royal Heather :)

The street art in the area was captivating...

Again love a b+w conversion. Sometimes I go for a traditional, clean b+w, sometimes a more vintage artsy one like this...
Heather rocked it as I knew she would...

Here are a couple with the shoes for Mum, Dasha

I love this!
3 or 4 outfit changes later and it was a wrap and we went for a veggie wrap in one of the cool little cafes in the area :)
Thank you Heather for once again trusting in my vision, coming up with cool collaborations and being a great person x
On the way home, I stopped at Oakland Cemetery - I was in sea foam green and turquoise heaven!
and then Savannah's Bonaventure...I just love Mausoleums :)
Until next time, happy travels!
*If you are interested in mausoleum shots - check out my etsy shop :)

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